We Plant A Tree For Every Order
We Plant A Tree For Every Order
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Our Story

During the past year,  I have found strength and solace in nature, in ways I have never done before. The saying 'nature heals' really resonates with me and I want to help and inspire others to prioritise their own self-care routines and reconnect with the natural world. All of the products we stock at Naturalist contain natural ingredients and are created to benefit us, both physically and emotionally.
However, we can't take the benefits of nature without giving back, can we? This is why all of our brands have sustainable packaging. We will also plant a tree for every order placed as we are committed to becoming a carbon-negative company by the end of 2021.
I really hope you enjoy browsing on the site and I'm always happy to help if you need any assistance with anything.
Love Kathryn xx